< fish go
You think i'd leave ur side baby?
You know me better than that
I wouldn't do that
Then I'll wear you for the night
Down when the walls start shaking
Just waiting for the perfect hideout
Door is locked
My gums are bleeding
Outside she reads
Outside she's reading
The evacuation procedure out loud
While the faithful dispose of a generation
and all of the mountains whisper knowingless
I order a colada and sit to count my dollars.
watch eagles soar in circles.
Today I will stare at the sea
Till my eyes have had enough
enough, enough. Is that enough?
Maybe i would like you better if you took of your clothes
birchtree lost its branch one day in violent winter
i said it was grieving you said it don't feel nothing
shooting at a 100 year old rookery
Oh look at me, the defintion of futility
fuck it you said, you should go and shoot them down